Birthdays over the past 5 years....

8:35 AM

I was looking through old photos yesterday getting very nostalgic and thought I would write some memories out from past birthdays. Facebook only goes back to 2007 so that's about as far back as my picture memories goes back. Makes me sad because I used to have tons of pics on Myspace but I took them all off, bummer!

30 : 
Last year I had a "surprise" birthday dinner which my friend,Kirstin, accidentally told me about. Ha. Earlier in that day my mom, sister, sister-in-law and I all went and had massages.

 My son was 4 months old this birthday and I remember we were broke. That happens when you have a baby and stop working, ha ha. My mom took us for massages and facials! Thus the cap....Ahhhh! 

Palm Springs with my new husband when we were both working and went on TONS of trips. So glad we did that too! 

 Daniel took me to Las Vegas for dinner {we lived close enough to drive}and surprised me and took me to see Mama Mia. We were too new in our relationship to take pics I guess?

My grandmother was really sick on this birthday, so this was a hard time. It was a Black and White Party at my parents house. It was still fun.

When we were living in Northern Ireland we took a holiday to Spain and it happened to be over my birthday! So fun!

I also found this list I had done back in 2005 so I thought I would do it again. My lists in 2005 were MUCH more exciting, but this is how life goes sometimes;) You can read that one here if you want.

20 years ago I... 
1.)I was 10 years old 

10 years ago I.... 
1. I started that year in Serbia, not many can say that I guess 
2. Went on a road trip that summer in 10 days all across the good ol US of A! It was amazing, Granda Canyon to Niagra Falls and all the in between. 
3. Moved to Fremont Cali with my friend Rachel for three months and worked at Starbucks 

5 years ago I... (2008) 
1. I went back to school ..after 3 years in Northern Ireland and working as the youth intern at our church
2. Lived with some amazingly fun girl in a house we rented in the GHETTO!
3.Started dating, got engaged and married my now husband...Daniel!
1.My first year of marriage
 2.Tons of fun trips with my husband, two to Colorado and we had no idea we would soon be moving there!
 3. Got pregnant with my son
4. Quit my job and had a HUGE amount of personal drama

1.Had my son!!  9lbs 9oz...whew!
 2. Struggled with post postpartum 
 3.Started running officially, ran my first 13.1
4. Lost almost all my baby weight {the first time, ha ha}
5. Moved to Colorado

Yesterday I... 
1.Took my son swimming
2. Found old blog posts on myspace dating to 2004 where I found this list idea

Today I... 
1.Will load my son in the jogger and go run 3 miles for tapering training
2.Go to dinner with my friend Brittany for my birthday!
3. Watch the Thunderstorm that is forecast. 

Tomorrow I will... 
1. I have no plans for tomorrow...sad sad sad

 Next year I will be...
1. Pregnant??
2. I have NO idea

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  1. your hair looks so pretty short! it's gorgeous long too, but you are one of those people that the short cut looks nice on as well. Old pictures are the best. :)


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