Why I Blog: Blogging Positivity Week!!

10:20 AM

I am participating in Blogging Positivity Week!
If you would like to join in check out THIS post over at After Nine to Five!

Blogging, for me, draws so many comparisons to life, and so reminding ourselves to keep things in a positive light on our blogs and how we view them, why we write them, and how we can compare ourselves to others out there is very important.

I started this blog when I was in a really tough place. I had just moved to Colorado and no family and very few friends around me. I am a stay at home mom to a one year old little boy and to top it off I had, and still have, no car to get away from home. If that is not a recipe for insanity, I do not know what is.

And so was birthed, Eisy Morgan. I named it this after my husband's middle name and my middle name combined. It was different, no one had taken it, so that is what I went with.

I struggled looking at some blogs I had come across  who were definitely about ONE thing. I read a lot of advice saying to choose one thing so people know what they are getting when they come visit, but I am not overly gifted or talented at ONE thing, like some of you FAB ladies are. So I subtitled "inspiration for the multifaceted woman".
The first month or so I was putting up random things and scared to death to share it with anyone. I had no idea what the "blogging community" was, but I knew they would find out I was a big fat fraud right away. I was afraid to write comments on other people's blogs thinking they would be able to spot this newbie a mile away and reject me. So, I didn't tell anyone for a while about it.

I had no idea how to gain followers or any of that, so I started reading anything I could find. Everyone has their opinions on how to go about it, and none of them wrong, so I included some of them all.
I was struggling BIG TIME with my self esteem, and never having anywhere to really go, I decided to make hair videos or crafting tutorials. These were really fun for me and a creative outlet. From there I went into blog design, advertising, reviews, my own linky party and other features I was running regularly. And then I had another break down.

What once was my escape from the negative world I was trying to escape, mostly in my mind, had no become a job to me. I had more emails to get back to then I knew what to do with. I was being approached to do design for logos across the world, all the while I was broken inside me and struggling deeply with depression. My escape had just become another brick laying heavily on my weary and wounded heart. So I stopped a lot of that.

I am slowly decreasing in readers who followed me for just some of the features I ran, and sometimes it makes me sad, but I would rather be true to me and my blog than run a bunch of things that make me feel like my life is weighted down. So I tossed out my need and desire to keep up with "Blogging Betty" as I like to call her, because I just couldn't do it anymore.
I want my blog to be a place where I write what is on my heart, and hopefully can encourage someone else out there to know they are not alone. I have some more hair tutorials coming up again, because I finally feel like I have something to offer in that area again. 

Blogs are journey's of our lives. That is what I want mine to be. Blogs should be reflections of who we really are, because if we try to keep up a facade it eventually gets tiresome, but if we write out of what we love and are learning and want to share that we will always have fresh content.

Although it is hard not to compare, try not to. We all see what so and so is doing which we are not. But who wants a million of the same thing? No one! Being you is the best thing you can be, because there is no one quite like you!!
Enjoy being YOU! 

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14 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. Love your post! Saying hi from the blog positivity link up :)

  2. Love this blog.. a good little reminder of why to keep blogging. I love thinking that something I write could inspire someone. I love my blog being my place to write about my life, loves and adventures.

  3. Appreciate you sharing. Excited about Blog Positivity Week!

  4. LOVE that "be yourself" quote! So true and wonderful! I love that you always share so much, and love the idea of Blog Positivity week! Yay! :) :) :)

  5. the last quote is my favorite. now i just need to work on believing it daily. :)

  6. I love hearing other people admit it's hard to "be real" in the shadow of "Blogging Betty"

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  7. I've followed your blog for awhile now and have always enjoyed it. Thank you for being real and NOT trying to be like everyone else. I wondered where your blog name came from, now I know! Keep being your awesome self :)

  8. Thanks for sharing Ashley! I wanted more followers, tried a give away and felt pressured myself. My blog is another creative outlet for ME and for my children. I now don't really care how many "followers" I have, I'm happy. Thanks for your honesty. :)

  9. You know, it's really ironic that the same thing that sometimes makes you sad (your number of readers) is actually the same thing that keeps me coming back -- a blog where there aren't so many comments that it's simply impossible to speak, or be heard really.

    I totally understand that some people blog for business, and I'm fine with that. What I don't like is when I take the time to share my thoughts with those bloggers & receive no response. To me, it's like filling out a comment card and never receiving so much as an acknowledgement. KWIM?

    So yeah, I say, stay true to yourself. That's what this reader likes!

    1. I agree Shari! I only get a few responses on my blog and some are from family or friends, but some are from strangers as well. I do try and comment on each and every comment people left, I know I like that as well so I do my best to.

  10. This was beautiful! I just found you over at the Blog Positivity link-up, and I'm glad I did =). By the way, I'm in CO too! I moved here from CA about 21 years ago, I hope you are enjoying life out here!

  11. I think "keeping up with Blogging Betty" is a really good way to put it. I feel like there are all of these suggestions and rules that people have made up about what the best way to blog is.... Find your niche and stick to it, don't post more than once a day, don't let too many days go by before blogging again, blah blah blah... but I dunno, I think at times all these rules and guidelines are just a lot of pressure and the best thing to do is just be yourself and go with the flow.


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