Inspired by You: Cara's Journey

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Some of you have been sending me emails that are just blowing me away, so I would love to keep Inspired by You and share some of those stories! If you have emailed me with your story and would like for me to share it, please let me know. Also, if you have a post on your blog or a story you would like to share that you believe would help inspire someone else, please do share with me and I will post it here as well.

Today, I want to share Cara's story that she shared with me. I share this for two reasons,
 1-you never know who is reading the things that you might see as silly or weak that might help someone else, and 
2- to celebrate the little and big things we overcome! 

They matter! Great job Cara!!
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Cara's Story:

I just wanted to thank you for opening up and sharing your experiences with running, well really your life in general. You've shared so much and I feel so much like you in so many ways. So, you've been sharing your experiences with running and I've also been trying to start running again. I commented last week on your post about your 12 mile run. I had really been struggling with a 3 mile run. So, this past Saturday, I was going to run 4 miles. 

I got started. It had been a really rough night prior and morning for me. So, I knew I needed this run. As I was going, I started out slow and steady so I wouldn't wear myself out early. I had my music on and I did hear a few songs that kept me going. - I LOVE Alicia Keys Superwoman. It isn't a really fast paced song, but the words really motivate me! So, I'm running and listening to music and I realize I've hit a mile and a half and I'm not struggling - at all! I remember something you said last week I think, 

"This isn't getting easier, I'm getting stronger!" 


I'm starting to think about how maybe my two and three miles every couple of days really is paying off. Maybe it is making me stronger. So, I keep running. I hit the point where I need to cut back through my neighborhood to get home in 4 miles. But,I feel so good. This isn't bothering me. I think I should try and go more. So, I keep going straight. I'm at two miles and still feeling good. Two and a half. Slow and steady. I'm getting stronger. I think about your 12 miles. At this point, I tell myself, Ashley's probably doing 13 or 14 today. What's five miles? Five???

 I was going to run four. But I keep going. Before I know it the lady on my tracker tells me I've run three miles. I haven't stopped running. I feel good. 
I can do this! 

There's a pretty steep hill coming up. I will surely have to walk that hill. This is getting easier! No, I'm getting stronger! I run the hill, slow and steady. I get to the top. I'm a little winded. My legs are a bit weak. I keep going. FOUR miles. I'm still going. Why stop now? I keep running. Four and a half miles. Wow...  I have NEVER gone even four miles without stopping to walk and catch my breath before. I keep running. I'm almost home! It's sunny outside and around 45 degrees. It's so pretty! 

I've run four and half miles and I'm ok. I'm awesome! I'm getting stronger. I hit five miles.  I look at my time. I did it at an average of 12 min 50 sec per mile. Not great but I did it! I ran five miles without stopping! I walk the last quarter of a mile to get to my house. I get in the shower and I am SO proud of myself. I AM superwoman! Thank you Ashley, for opening up and sharing your life. I have been able to relate to you in so many ways. So, when you shared your running experiences, I finally was able to find the motivation to get through that five miles. I've NEVER been able to find motivation before. Thank you!  Thank you for making me realize I AM stronger!

And so am I!!
Your story makes me stronger as well! Thank you so much for sharing with me!
Keep going!!

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  1. Awesome story. Thank you so much for sharing her story!! I love that you love inspiring people so much!

  2. what a wonderful story! thank you so much for sharing! keeps me motivated :)

  3. Such a fabulous story of strength with motivation for so ME! :) I'm blessed to have been introduced to you!
    Thanks Cara!


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