to my hurting readers....

3:14 PM

If  you have been following my blog for a little while then you have seen me go through all types of things here. I really try to 
"keep it real", 
maybe not at first as I thought people who didn't know me couldn't or didn't want to know the truth, but I have found just the opposite.

I have really come to find that you write for the audience you want to know. 
If this makes any sense? 

I know a lot of you come here for many different reasons, and I do love that, because I am not just a broken woman fighting for wholeness with the Lord, but I also love being creative, hair, know, all those parts of what make up a woman, just like you. 

But I also know, that the more I have written about my internal struggle the more these beautiful, real, raw and honest women emerge. Most of them have never even left me a comment before, but it always reminds me that blogging can be helpful to the writer, and amazingly ...the reader.

People relate to being real, in my opinion. Well, maybe not everyone, but the people I want to know and be friends with are the ones that can be honest with themselves and others. No shows necessary.

So many of you have written to me, letting me know that I have some how encouraged you and I am always ALWAYS blown away by this. Knowing that my little typed words that (in my mind only really my family and a few close friends MIGHT read on a good day) have helped anyone, seriously encourages me so much. Because I think it's true, we read ...blogs, articles, we don't feel alone. And you aren't alone.
Some of you are carrying incredibly heavy burdens, some I do not comprehend or dare to portray that I could possibly relate my circumstances to. Some of you, it seems, you could be writing these very words. That you read back something that pours out of your own heart. Whatever the case, I know what its like to feel alone, I know what its like to be sad and overcome with sadness, I understand pain. We all do, no one escapes this life pain free. And in a world where, "Hi, how are you?" is more of a passing greeting then a heart felt question I just want you to know that your pain is seen. Even the pain that you hide behind your smile because you have too many balls in the air to let someone really see them. If they aren't seen by me, they are seen by the Lord.
For those of us who find ourselves in a stronger place at the moment, may we be aware of those we know might be hurting in our lives and take time for them. Even if we don't know how to help, sometimes just being asked can mean the world. I am not perfect at this, but it's good for us to keep reminding ourselves of it.

The best question to me is when someone asks, "How is your heart?" 
{I think you started this Britt} 
To me it is a question that is beyond life's circumstances of health, kids, money, relationships...
its more about how your heart is dealing with all of those things.
How YOU really are.

So, how is your heart?

There is a song that my friend, James, used to always play when I lived in Northern Ireland. He has such an amazing voice and the way he sang it was so moving. We called it the Heart Song, but it's really titled "Broken Things by Juliett Turner I believe. 

The lyrics are beautiful.

They are for you.

"You can have my heart
Though it isn't new.
It's been used and broken and only comes in blue.
It's been down a long road, and it got dirty on the way.
If I give it to you, will you make it clean, wash the pain away?

You can have my heart
if you don't mind broken things.
You can have my love,
if you don't mind these tears.

So beyond repair,
Nothing I could do.
Tried to fix it myself, but it was only worse
when I got through.

Then you walked right into my darkness
and spoke words so sweet
and you hold me like a child
till my frozen tears fall at your feet.

And I heard that you make all things new
so I'll give these pieces all to you
If you want it,
you can have my heart."

Here is a video cover by Ryan Kelly.

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  1. Just keep writing. I've been reading and following awhile and I love it all. Just keep writing.

  2. Not one person here is alone if they can relate to this. That laundry list up there, yep, that's me. I nearly lost my mind today. But ... today I was wise. As soon as I recognized my attitude, I got on my knees (something my dad has been encouraging me, that when I pray, I should be willing to humble myself and get down on my knees) and I bowed my head and prayed out loud. (Yes, I pray out loud because if I pray silently in my head my brain wanders.) I read Proverbs 15 and 16 and afterward God gave me my little gold star -- so to speak -- and told me a wise man seeks correction, a fool dismisses it. My kids cracking eggs all over the kitchen floor wasn't even the worst of it. That was just the cherry on top. Like I said, I nearly lost my mind! But this time I recognized my attitude, prayed, got in the word and I have a merry heart!

    I hope each of you ladies who are reading this post has a merry heart today!!!

  3. Love your blog... Read it all the time and sometimes you are putting into words what my slowly healing heart is feeling and can't express. Thank you for This :)
    Your posts encourage me.

  4. I think you are so right that people are drawn to the raw and keeping it real and it can help so many out there who might not normally even make themselves known, per chance, and that is why I love what you do so much! I know you are going through a lot of ups and downs, and I am too, in my own way these days, but I think we all get a little inspiration from others out there, like yourself, and all your great quotes too! Thank you for simply being exactly who you are!

    Liesl :)

  5. I have PTSD (I think you know that??). You'd be surprised at how many times I'll be low, low, low... and come to your site just to remember that I'm not alone. I'm not the only one suffering. I might have a more severe case -- or not -- but I am alone.

    Thank you so much for sharing the way that you do.

  6. SUCH an amazing reminder. LOVE you girl!!!

  7. Thank you for this and for always sharing what is on your heart. I needed this today!


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