Last Saturday's Running Adventure

8:00 AM

Ok all....
Last Saturday was my longest run in a long time.

It was a gorgeous sunny day with the high about 47 degrees! 

I suited up and was headed out on my long adventure.

{don't laugh at my awesome running gear yall!}

The run was awesome for the first 9 miles. 
The sun was shining and I felt strong and the scenery was awesome.

I had mapped out my 12 miles all in one direction and planned for my husband to pick me up at the end.
It seemed simple enough, but I had never been in the area towards the end of the run.

{Not the BEST idea}

The pic above is the beginning of my unknown territory
{about 9.5 miles in} 

The trails I had planned on were covered with snow and I was no longer sure where I was or which way I should go?

So I made this video...why not?

ha ha

{Don't mind my breathlessness!}

I went on to run the rest of my 12 and kind of aimlessly wandered into a very 
LONG trail. 
I had no idea where it led?

All I knew is that I needed to finish.


That last half mile was the hardest bit of running I have ever experienced.
From that part on I felt like death, pretty much.

I finished my 12 and then had to walk another mile or so out of the wilderness where I was.

I tried to send this pic to my husband that said,
"this is where I am" 
like he could find me from that?!!

I think my mind was dehydrated and non-functional.

I could then barely walk, was now freezing because I stopped running, and was lost.

{not to self:run with chapstick!}

I finally found my way off the trail and to a residential street where I could give the address to my husband who was trying to find me, SLOWLY.
{at least for me it was slow!}

This was me waiting.

I was found, eventually, and I finished!

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  1. way to go girl! LOL I have gotten a little lost before and had to ask someone where to go! Are you training for a full or half! Keep up the good work!

  2. WOW! You have a lot more motivation then I do! Good for you!

  3. Ashley, I think it's great that you hold yourself accountable to even run like this. I'm just starting out training again and REALLY struggling to even get a 3 mile run in. So, good job! And - I think of you and what you're doing each time I get ready to run. I tell myself if you can do a 10 mile by yourself, I can do 2 or 3! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  4. Holy are AMAZING!!! I could never run 9 miles or more...not in a million years. I just hit 3 miles and I was so excited! And then I died. Hahah! YOU ROCK!!!

  5. congratulations!! you are doing an awesome job!!

  6. Hi there! I have been checking your blog out since I think October? Casey at the Wiegand's had a follow fest and I started following you. I am running my first 1/2 in May, so I totally know what you are going through! Keep at it, you got THIS!;) I like your fuel/water belt. I need one too.

  7. HOLY CANNOLI!!! Here I am dying after 3 miles and you are doing FOUR times as much!! You go girl!!! And I love your running gear!!! It's official!I missed your posts about your running. I usually read the beautify ones ;) but man I have been missing out!! You are an inspiration as I work to bring my run time to an 8 minute mile!

  8. I am growing to love working out, but I still have crazy respect for anyone who can run that far. Running is tough business! Good job!!! :)

  9. Wow! I cannot believe how long you can run!! You go girl:). I just did my first run in several years last night to start kicking in some happy endorphins and it was awesome. I was hurting because I am so out of shape but, it felt great at the same time. I doubt I'd ever run as long as you though:).


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