The importance of the in between

9:37 AM

Time to refocus, it's the beginning of a new month which means its a new beginning.

It's 94 days until the marathon happens that I want to do.

I have officially finished my first month of training...
{starting slow and steady but I feel faster and stronger every day}

I am incredibly proud of this, but it is only one month down.
I still have 3 more months of training to go.

This journey has become so very important to me.

I realize that sometimes huge goals like this one seem like, yeah right. We shall see?

But I try not to think of the HUGE long term goal so much as what I need to do today.


Being awake to life means living in the moment. 

I am trying not to live in the future and being overwhelmed by it.

Neither do I want to live in the past and all the successes or failures that are gone with it.

So often I am overtaken by the pain of the past or the fear of the future, neither of which I can control. I suppose this is why the Lord tells us not to worry about the future, and to consider the birds.

I like to listen to audio books when I am running, and one of them was talking about watching birds. When was the last time you observed a bird having an anxiety attack on its branch about how things were going to work out. They don't, they just are. God takes care of them, day by day, and how much more valuable are we then them.

There are a lot of animals on my runs. Sometimes up to what seems like 500 geese {which are often flying over my head and I am praying they are not  going to take care of themselves on my head!!}, every once in a while I see a hawk sitting high on the tree top, a few ducks, seagulls, squirrels, these black and white birds, and a couple times I have seen grey coyotes! {Gotta love Colorado!}



There is just something about it. Doing what my body can do, surrounded by what nature was created to do and you can't hurry it. When you are running, like I am, you can't hurry up and finish 5 or 6 miles, it takes the time it takes. I can run faster, but chances are, I won't be able to finish because I will have worn myself out.
You can't fall if you don't climb  But there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground.

In a world of instant gratification and have it your way and give it to me now, we have lost the beauty of the moment of waiting. The moment after moment of where we are right now while we are frustrated with the thing we want most not coming. The truth is, we are waiting more in our lives than getting things we are wanting. So, the lesson is, for me, to learn to find joy in the waiting. {Believe me, not easy!}

I want my life to be more beautiful because I am living it, not worrying it away. But I will miss my son being two, or I will miss the fact that I am getting stronger, or I will miss the heart leaf, because I just want to BE THERE ALREADY!

So this marathon has huge importance for me, because it symbolizes that it is just as important to do the 3 milers as it is the 10 (which is scheduled for this weekend..:o!) Because learning doesn't and change doesn't happen instantaneously, but there is something to be said for the in between too.

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  1. The first pic is so beautiful and serene. Good luck with the Marathon!

  2. Hey, way to go! Are you following Hal Higdon's running schedules? I am also training for a 1/2 in May!! Let's go, we can do it!;)

  3. I'm so happy for you... Keep up the hard work and you'll be so ready...

  4. Go girl! way to keep up the workout!
    I like this look of your blog By the way...

  5. Thanks for your inspiration! Love the leaf pic, looks like a heart! =)


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