10 things to expect when becoming a blogger...{part 2}

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Ready for some more blogging tips?

I don't know about you, but I feel like I can be much more successful when I know what to expect from something, so I came up with a list that I have learned through my time in blogging:)

 Hope you find it helpful!

 Read Part One Here!

6-Expect blogging tips to be relative:
Here is the thing that I have learned about blogging tips out in blogging land, I don't agree with a lot of them. At first I read anything I could get my hands on cause I wanted to be smart about blogging and do the right things and learn how to do things right. It's not that any of these well meaning people are wrong, I just don't agree with their conclusions on some things because I don't think there is always ONE right way. No one has written a blog code of rules we HAVE to follow, but people do like to suggest things loudly and some I whole heartedly agree with and others I don't. You may read any one article and minutes later read something else that is just the opposite. So, you have to go with what works for your blog, for your readers, with what you feel is authentic for your little space in the blogging hemisphere and for goodness sake, you will NEVER please everyone. Something I love about Casey's blog is that she has music playing because she likes it, even though EVERY list you can find about basic blogging tips says to NEVER have music playing. Perhaps it's the hidden rebel in me, but I like that she has it anyway. Does that mean I have it now, nope, although I do visit lots of blogs and love what they have and decide to implement it.

7-Expect people to be people:
Just like real life you will like some people, adore others, and others will bug or turn you off. Such is life. Not everyone will love what you love, agree with you, see life as you do, it's not personal...usually.
WARNING! Some people take blogging very seriously! Again, this might be a personality thing and I am the furthest thing from type-A, more like type-Z.For some people it is part of their lively hood for others it is not.  Just try and be respectful of how they like to run their blog and if it's too much for you, just keep a distance. People are people, some will get us and us them and some are very different from us. Try to respect the differences and their desire for their blogging style while maintaining the desire for your own, although it may be very different.

8-Expect to run into a hater or two
Now when I said it's not USUALLY personal, well, sometimes, it is. Sometimes people will comment anonymously and rip you a new one, your family, your project, your appearance. Don't let this scare you, but do expect it. The more you shine the more you may intimidate others, or the more people who are miserable have nothing better to do than rip other people a part. When this happens, remember all the people who are benefiting from your blogging, all that you know is true about yourself, your motives, your heart and toss it aside. You are human, you are not writting for the New York Times or running for president, you are writing a blog that is primarily for you and what you love, you will only get better with time. Take it with a grain of salt.

9- Expect to answer emails and comment a lot
One thing new bloggers might not know when they start out is how much emailing is involved. Start a new email for your blog and start making categories right away. If you have gmail use those tabs and stars etc. When you start building a following you will start getting a lot of comments and other emails, it is easy to start drowning amongst them all. Also the more you interact with other bloggers the faster you will build a community, it is also a big part.

10-Expect to become a better person
When you start blogging you start looking at life differently. I believe it was Katrina over at Pugly Pixel who so eloquently said we become "tourists of our own lives". We live it and then we re-live it on our blogs. This makes you more aware of what is going on around you wanting to capture moments. Being in a world thriving with new ideas and beautiful inspiration also gives you a reason to try new things, expand your horizons, push yourself into new areas you might not have otherwise tried. You think about things that are going on in your life more thoroughly in order to perhaps share them with your readers in ways that make sense, which in turn helps you to process them as well. The depth and width of your life expands making you an even better you.

Most importantly 

Looking for more tips? Here are some MORE!

Would you add anything to this list of what to expect??

Miss part 1? read it HERE!

"I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate."~ George Burns

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16 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. Great post...part 1 and 2!! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. #10 - Expect to become a better person... Girl, you hit the nail on the head! I agree with this 100%!

  3. Yeah, this is awesome! :-)
    I was also told by many to take off my playlist. I felt hurt by it but one month ago I decided that I liked it so I kept it! And yes, commenting others is what gets their attention. I have found that the bigger bloggers who don't respond to any of my comments after awhile, I don't even bother. It's sad but it's true.

  4. thanks for the tips! :)

  5. Thanks so much. I'm almost to my one year anniversary in blog land. This is so important. I'm having so much fun, and blogging has helped me focus on whats important and whats real.

  6. You sound like my kinda girl. Don't take it too seriously and expect the unexpected also move on when it happens. I find the only nasty comments I have recieved were from someone that saw me as a threat. I didn't respond at all and now, when she realised I wasn't going to rain on her rather large patch of the blogosphere, she is so nice to me, I find it hilarious. Love your tips and believe they are all true. I missed part one and am off to check them out.

  7. Great tips thank you for sharing :)

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these!


  9. Love this! :) Especially the last part.....I have already learned so much through my own reflection and the reflection of others! :) So inspiring!

  10. Totally agree with all of it! And even after less than a year, I can deffinately tell that I am changing the way I think and look at things....and share more and more on my blog every week. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  11. Love all 10 tips girl!! 'Type Z' made me chuckle! I'm probably type x! :)

  12. Just found you via For Mamas. Love your point about Blogging tips being relative. That's the beauty and the downfall of the internet isn't it? It's a great thing to remember though when you start thinking you're way might be "wrong."

  13. I love tip 10!
    I'm forever working on living my life to the fullest and hoping that I can learn to recapture it in my blog...that still needs quite a bit of work though!!


  14. I appreciate this a lot, as a new blogger. I agree that not all "blogging tips" fit every blog, as I too have recently read a LOT of them trying to focus myself on what and how I want to blog. Hopefully, even though my blog is pretty-darn focused on one general theme, I can still get a good readership going!

  15. Totally agree with these! Great post, Ashley.


    P.S. you can expect an ornament coming your way soon, sent it out today!

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