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Welcome back!!
Hope you guys are having a great week and have some awesome posts to link up today!

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I really want to do an ornament/cookie exchange, but I need your guys feedback on it. If you could answer these 3 questions for me in the comments I would be so grateful!

1. Would you be willing to send out 3 ornaments and receive 3? Or would one be plenty?
2. What are your thoughts on a cookie exchange amongst bloggers?
3. Would you be interested in participating this year? If so please leave your email.

and now here are the top 4 features….

Jamie from the Creative Imperative shared this amazing headboard painting tutorial!

Katie from Craptastic shared her super re-created 


Amber from Ambers Love on Wings showed us how to make our own Anthro jewelry tree!!


and Debby from a Very Sweet November shared her 
Super Cute!!


Thank you ladies!!  Amazing job and feel free to grab an
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That’s it!!!
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35 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. I think an ornament exchange would be so fun!! I would do one or three. A cookie exchange would be fun too!! I am in!

  2. Things get so busy during the holidays... I don't know if I'd want to be making any extra trips the dreaded post office! Thanks so much for the feature though :)

  3. I think an ornament exchange would be totally fun! And I would do three or one. I think cookie exchanges are fun, but how would you send them? I an in for either!!

  4. I would be interested in the ornament exchange. I would do either three or one doesn't matter. I am in

  5. I like the ornament exchange, but only for one. And I don't really get down with eating food from peoples house I don't know. lol Crazy, huh?

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my pillows Ashley!! As for the swap, I might be down for one sweet ornament! Have a good week!

  7. An ornament exchange would be so much fun!

  8. I love ornament exchanges. One or three works. Not sure if I would do a cookie exchange. That can get pricey to mail. I know my mom spends a small fortune sending sugar cookies and candy to all her grandkids for holidays.

  9. I took part in an ornament exchange last year and loved what I got. I think one ornament would be plenty. Not sure about a cookie exchange. I would feel weird getting cookies from strangers.

  10. I think an ornament exchange would be fabulous... maybe just one? It tends to get crazy around the holidays and I think people are more likely to have fun/not get stressed if there is only one ornament involved. Would it be handmade, store bought, or sender's choice? Baking scares me... I rarely even bake for my family (shhhh... my kids think the grocery store bakery goods are homeade :))

  11. I would do an ornament or three doesn't really matter. Not sure I'd participate in a cookie exchange though. I've gotten baked goods in the mail before and they usually aren't as pretty or yummy as the day they were sent. If you decide on the ornament exchange you can include me.

    myworldmadebyhand {at} gmail {dot} com

  12. I like the idea of the ornament exchange...not so much the cookies. I think one ornament would be great!

  13. I think if we would do one ornament it would mean alittle more but I'm up for whatever. I would like to do the ornament and cookie exchange!I am a follower but blogger will not let me comment as one.

  14. I love the idea of doing an ornament exchange! I personally think I would be more likely to participate if the exchange was just one ornament... The holidays are such a busy time. And doing just one might allow more thought/time to be put into it.

    sunshineblossomsetsy (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I think an ornament exchange is a fun idea! I suggest one ornament.... cookies, not so much.

  16. i think one ornament would be great! and my opinion is maybe a cookie recipe to exchange with maybe one ingredient involved. I don't know how well cookies ship :) and yes...i would love to participate

  17. I would most definitely participate ;)

  18. I like the ornament exchange idea, how awesome, I would totally do that! Keep us posted if you decide to do it and I'll send my address...I'm looking forward to how this will unfold, thank you Ashley!

  19. Could you seriously be any cuter thinking of all of these fun things to do! I would love to do a cookie exchange or an ornament exchange! Email is on the page!

  20. I think the ornament exchange would be an awesome thing.

    Cookies in the mail- definitely don't taste as good. My friend sends me stuff all the time, and even though it only takes like two days, they are kinda stale by the time they get to me. Its a cute idea though.

    <3 Jenn

  21. I love the idea of the Christmas ornament exchange, but I think even just one ornament is fine. It sounds really fun! Can't wait to join in the fun!

  22. I would totally do an ornament exchange, my only thought is shipping so I'd prob do 1-2. is my email.

    And I'd love to do a cookie exchange too.

    SO cute

  23. I love the idea of an ornament exchange! I'd totally be willing to do 3! I'm in for a cookie exchange too! I love the holidays! :D

    Jenniferferriss (at) gmail dot com

  24. I think one ornament is just perfect and sounds like a blast! I love cookies but mailing them never has worked out as I hope (doesn't mean I won't eat a broken cookie. seriously)...

    Great idea!

  25. I could go for an ornament exchange (assuming you let us foreigners from the UK in on it) but I don't think a cookie would travel so well from here to there :P xx

  26. I am so in for the ornament exchange! One is good but 3 is fine too. Not so much into the cookie exchange but totally up for a cookie recipe exchange instead of the actual baked item!

    Kim @

  27. I'd love to do either an ornament or a cookie exchange! Great Idea!

  28. The ornament exchange sounds like a lot of fun. I personally wouldn't partake in a cookie exchange. Thanks for hosting again!

    The...Late, Young Family

  29. I would so love to participate in both! I think I would prefer one, but three works just as well! A cookie exchange would also be fun....recipe or the actual cookies!

  30. I would love to do an ornament exchange for one or three ornaments.

    Chas @ A Woman's Haven

  31. I'd love to an ornament or cookie exchange! Sign me up!

  32. I'm in on both. I'm assuming this would be for US only?

  33. Love the ornament idea 1 or 3! Also, love cookies, but not really into the swap thing. Thanks!

  34. Welp!
    I've been MIA because I am observing for my college courses... anywhoooo...
    Yes, to one ornament exchange swap! I'm participating in another ornament exchange, and can't break the bank, ya know?
    No, to baked goods.... I'm adventurous when it comes to baked goods, but would prefer someone I know making them, ya know?
    mommydoesblog at yahoo dot com for the ornament though!


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