Heart Therapy: You’re Invited

11:30 AM

Well all, I am heading to a psychiatrist today. I am both apprehensive and excited to get help, to have someone to talk to, and mostly relieved. I have started having a hard time sleeping now worrying with non-sense type things. I am starting to think that anxiety might be a big part of what I am dealing with, but I’m no doctor.


You know what I think, that a lot of times I am consumed with what is wrong, or what MIGHT go wrong that it paralyzes me.


Back when I lived in Northern Ireland for a few years working with Youth for Christ we had a retreat. 

It was one of the most interesting, helpful, and therapeutic retreats we ever had.


For one exercise we all had empty seats in front of us. We had to imagine ourselves old, towards the end of our life, giving our younger selves advice.

At that time I was worried about love, never getting married, never having those things that were of the utmost importance to me at that time. As I imagined myself old, I was so peaceful. I wasn’t nervous or concerned, because I had been through it all. My old self told me that I needed to relax, that things were going to work out. That someone would come into my life and love me, just be patient and give it time.

I wonder now, when I look at my life from that perspective what advice I might give myself. When I am old I want to be peaceful, full of joy, loving, and full of wisdom and beauty that exists on the inside even after any outer beauty fades. 

I think this exercise reminds us that this is only part of the journey, that we have so much to learn and grow in. So many of us are just at the beginning and we are so consumed with our worries. 

What do you think your older self might tell you 
about what you are consumed with?


I thought little exercises like this might be a good writing exercise for some of us. To blog about things that make us more vulnerable with our readers, maybe more vulnerable with ourselves. I am going to write a post about what I think my old self would tell me now, and what I am going through. I invite you to do the same. We can have “Blogging Group Therapy”

I think I will call it “Heart Therapy”.

I will put up a linky and will give you guys the writing ideas a few days before for the post. Maybe a way to take a minute and connect with where we are in life right now, who we are, where we want to go, and who we want to be.
Grab a button and spread the word for 
Heart Therapy. 

Hope to see you there!

I will put the post up on Tuesday with the linky and even if we only have a few I know it will be beneficial for us to even write it out.
I have received so much encouragement through comments and emails and I think this is a way for us to continue to encourage ourselves and our readers to be real, live and inspire from our hearts. Not who we want people to think we are, but who we are…even if that is messy and broken.

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  1. I'm so proud of you, Ashley! Trust that God will never abandon you in times when you need Him the most. :-)


  2. Ashley, I am so happy and excited for you that you are going to see someone today. :)

    What a great idea, I would love to participate in "Heart Therapy". This is great... in all you are going through, to put something like this together is huge!

  3. Very nice post...it made me think and feel peaceful!

  4. What a great idea Ashley. I haven't been around your blog much since my little one was born. I feel like I've neglected a lot of my bloggy friends and even my own blog. I've been trying to get back on track and figure out what I really want my blog to be. I have always struggled with writing straight from the heart, exactly about how I feel as a woman, wife and mother, mostly because I never think that people actually might care. I am always apprehensive about what others may think and I don't want to come across as fake either. We always feel like we are being jerked in so many directions at the same time and we want to be great at everything we do but we end up getting lost.

    I hope you are getting to pour out your heart today and that you will feel peaceful and calm and happy.
    I will share Heart Therapy for you and hope to share some of my own reflections soon :)

    Hugs your way,

  5. Ashley, Thank you for this. God is already putting something on my heart to share that I have of course been avoiding because I haven't had your courage.

    I'll be praying for you today. I'm so pumped that you're taking yet another courageous step in your life.

  6. Love this! I will definitely be participating...also sending an email your way too. :-)

  7. What a beautiful idea! Praying that your appointment goes well. Hugs!

  8. I know a lot of people will say God will get you through it and he will, but He is making you see you need help and can not do it on your own. I just went thru this last year. I didn't know why I felt "crazy" all of the sudden...It was all hormones (perimenopause) I was 38 at the time. Once I started taking something for the anxiety I could then clearly see things as they were not as I perceived them. Good for you for getting help. I know many people who run away from these things, but the ones who run to it and through it end up being the stronger ones. I am happier and healthier now that I ever have been. Don't worry..as one as my friends said...You are going to be O.k. sometimes thats all you need to hear.

  9. I remember you telling me about that when you were in NI. I am so glad you decided to go to a psychiatrist and I'm praying you get the answers to help you feel better. I want to understand the Link Party things... How do I do that? I put the button on my profile? I need some Blogging 101 advice :)

  10. I saw a psychiatrist last year and it helped me tremendously. I am glad you have found one now and I hope you connect with her. Do you have a mentoring program at your church? I found that we had one at my church and that has helped me too. And of course my mom group that gets me out of my shell and comfort zone.
    Take one step at the time and take you time at it.

  11. Thank you! I think this is a great idea. I have great anxiety myself. I have never really thought about talking about it. I mention it once in awhile to friends but you know sometimes I can't seem to do things with out getting all stressed out about it. Good luck with therapy and I will participate if I can. Hang in there I think what your doing is fabulous.

  12. I happened to stumble upon your blog and am so happy I did to read this post. I would love to participate. I instantly connected with you since I am going through a lot of the same it seems. Praying for you and hope to have the courage to blog openly as you have! :)

  13. Good for you to going to someone to talk to...I am sure that will be so wonderful and rewarding all around! I know for me, just getting things out through writing or just talking to someone really is weight lifted, even when it might be difficult! So proud of you, Ashley!!! I'm here rooting you on and sending lots of love and hearts your way...love your heart therapy idea and spreading the word!

    Liesl :)

  14. You are so brave! I hope things went well today and that you will be on the mend soon!! My grandma used to always say, "This too shall pass!"

  15. This is very inspirational :)

    xx Grace

  16. You are so brave to not only take this important step but to share it with us. {HUGS} to you!!

  17. This was my first stop at your blog, and I came at the perfect time. It is far more easy to blog about the happy things in life, but everyone has their struggles and it's nice to know you're not the only one! I am very happy to be a follower of this blog :)

  18. I'm so happy you are going to get some help and hopefully be on your way to a better place!

    I have been thinking that I want to write about my experiences on my blog but I'm not sure how. I'm really excited to participate in heart therapy!


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