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I am very excited to start our Blogging Reality 101 series today where some big bloggers you all know and love answer some “real” questions about what goes on behind those and what it takes to get there. I will be doing the feature every Thursday, so make sure to pop in to check it out! I have asked bloggers from all different aspects of blogging, from fashion, to crafting, to mommy blogs so I hope you find some new ones as well as we journey along!

Here is the line-up you have to look forward to hearing form….

This line up will clearly take us deep into the fall, and I am so excited to share some great tips from these awesome and successful ladies!

To kick things off, and in honor of my 1,000 follower mark I thought I would start things off. Not that I think 1,000 is a lot compared to some, but “its my blog and I’ll write junk if I want to” ha ha. Besides that I get lots of questions about blogging so I thought I would share my 2 cents as well…for whatever it’s worth!


I am Ashley and I started this blog mid December of last year and was afraid to tell anyone about it until January. ha ha

I am a stay at home mom and blogging a great outlet for me creatively while being able to be with my love bug!


So here is the interview I did with my self!!
 {don’t act like yall don’t talk to yourselves!}

  • What is your favorite season and why? My favorite season is the one that is coming up next, no matter what season we are in. Like now it’s fall, then winter, spring, summer…I get my fill and then am excited for the things that the next one brings!

  • What do you do when you are not blogging? Take my son to the park, clean the house, shopping, cook..normal life things! I don’t have a car at the moment so its really only things I can walk to!

  • What is one post you are really proud of? Either…

  • Who are some bloggers you look up to and why? My new loves are Casey from the Weigands,  she is so real and honest and creative and Katrina from Pugly Pixel who is so authentic and smart. Little Miss Momma, of course she is obviously really business minded but still also so relatable. Craftaholics Anonymous was one of the first blogs I followed and although crafting is a side thing for me Linda has always been SO sweet and helpful! I have lots!

  • What does an average week look like for you in upkeep for your blog? Lots and LOTS of emails, sometimes if I don’t respond to them when I read them I forget about them. I try to schedule my posts ahead of time, the more in advance the better, but in my recent discovery of Live Writer and design elements for posts things are taking me much longer!

  • What do you think the average blogger doesn’t realize about being a success? I am not even that successful {YET,Winking smile haha} but I think the main thing is how MANY emails are involved. That is why I try and stay on top of them or you feel like you might drown. I think really huge blogs that have national exposure have “people” who work for them answering emails and other things. It really does become a job!

  • How did you find you niche? I don’t think I have a niche and the more I blog the less I want to have one, does that sound bad? I just think that is my personality..or is it multiple personalities. ha ha. I recently changed the subtitle from “Inspiration for the multifaceted woman” but I am and we are all just that, multifacted. I took a Strengths Test recently that said my personality gets bored easily, its so true. So I have to keep switching it up to keep myself interested or else I am just doing it because someone “blog world” told me I have to only blog about one thing. Poppy cock!

  • Do you set goals for your blog? My only solid goal is to hit 2,000 followers by my year anniversary. This may be a bit LOFTY, ha..but it’s a goal! Other than that I really want to continue to get better at it, I want to become more a part of the blogging community inter-personally, I want to share more personally, and I want to make money. Kinda vague but still there.

  • What is something you wish more bloggers knew (in general or specific)? All bloggers have their insecurities. Use the “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” method as much as in..if you ask a blogger for something make sure you offer something of substance back to them whenever possible.

  • What is one (or some) of your pet peeves in the blogging world? I think it’s the same as real life…rude, selfish, “I’m too good for you” attitudes you get. My answer is “Who died and made you Blog Queen and why wasn’t I informed?”

  • What are the most important blogging etiquette behaviors? For me? If you are advertising or sharing something with someone, unless you are really pressed for time, send them the HTML and have all the links set up for them. Makes it easier and quicker for that blogger. Be NICE! Leave REAL comments that are not obviously all about your SELF PROMOTION..gag!

  • What are the most important activities for growing your blog? Read THIS post

  • What do you do when you have “writers block” or a dry period? Cry. No I visit other blogs or pinterest!

  • Do you have one or two things you would credit the success of your blog to? Linking up to parties, commenting, and having hopefully things people like to read or can find useful and click through once they get here. That’s my only guess?

  • How do you define success? Growth, flowing creativity, a little mula

  • What advice would you give to bloggers who want to grow their blogs? Grow them “organically” as in don’t always use gimmicks for quick growth. Something I realized recently was that if we all keep at this past 2 years, we can all be successful if we are consistent. I rarely see “this is my 5 year bloggiversary” do you?? I will share this again because its SO TRUE…and pertains well to blogging!


What would be a tip YOU would share? 
I will compile them and share them at the end of the series!

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  1. What great info. Thanks so much. But I still need all the help I can get with my blog, time, layout, sewing and craft projects. Hehe...

    Jeanna @

  2. Very interesting and informative Eisy! I only started Blogging in March of this year. I am amazed at the things I have learnt in a short time but I still have a lot to learn. Although I am a twinless twin and my posts relate to me and my twin I try to cover a wide range of subjects. I am glad I started it over 2 years after her death so I can share good times and not only sad stories. I look forward to more in this series Eisy. Thanks a lot.

  3. I came across your blog & i have really fallen in love! I am SO appreciative with how much you share, tips & advice & even quotes or words of encouragement, not only on the FUN topics, but on blogging as well! I am so new to the blogging world & am trying to find the time & my place in all of this so THANK YOU! THANK YOU for letting me read & read & learn from YOU!

    You are an absolute DOLL & have one hell of a CUTE son! :)

  4. I am the SAME WAY! I always say I'm the jack of all trades, master of none. I have so many interests b/c I get bored so quickly. Blogging is one thing I continue to enjoy b/c it's ever changing. I'm not pigeon held into one niche. I love it!
    Mostly I am still learning about the blog world, only been doing this for a month, but if I had a piece of advice it would be to no compare yourself to others. I find myself doing this from time to time and I have to remember that I am me and no one else is like me. If I continue to be true to myself and people want to read I will gain readership. My goal is to also make money some day as a sahm and I am loving the journey so far.
    PS...Your family is so freakin' cute I can hardly stand it.

  5. This is a great post! I enjoyed reading it :)
    Love the new layout!

  6. Great post! I found your blog a few months ago, and have loved it! You are always so "real" with what you say. {LOVE} the new layout too! :)

    I've only been blogging for a few months, but I would say not to compare yourself to others. I find myself checking others "time" in blogging and compare their followers to what I have......I know, I know.....aweful! I'm working on getting over that, and just enjoying the ones that do follow me. :)

  7. Great post, I love your blog Ashley! I've been blogging for almost 2 years now...not always consistently though...I never really put any effort into how to grow it...I was just doing it for's started to grow a little in the last couple of months which is exciting! But after 2 years and less than 200 do you do it? you rock!

  8. this is a great post ashley, very honest and applicable. i've only been blogging for about 2 months now....well i had in it april and wrote on a little but didn't tell anyone about it really until was kinda weird at first to tell people... so i am totally a baby and new to all of it all, but i enjoy the people i've connected with and i love writing so i'm a happy camper, we'll see what comes of it :) congrats on everything you've done since you started!


  9. This series sounds a lot like the one that Amanda at Serenity Now has going on now. Have you seen it?


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