30 Days of Hair Day 12: No Heat Curls

8:00 AM

Welcome back to 
Day 12 
of the

Today is a photo tutorial of the
No Heat Curls Tutorial

(yeah yeah this has been around for some time now, but on the off chance you haven't seen it, you must try it..it is amazing)

1) get a thick elastic headband (well I needed a thick one!)
2) From the front bang/fringe section wrap the hair over the band (the ends will hang back down)
2) repeat this all along the band
4) in the back pull last strands through and then tuck ends into the band
5) this is best used at night to sleep in with damp but nor really wet hair

Try it, it's awesome for quick curls!

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4 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. Oh yes! So much cuter than the crunchy uneven curls I get when I sleep with wet hair! And it looks like the pretty curls I don't know how to do with my curling iron (yet) haha! You are so smart to think of this! Totally trying it...

  2. waaaiiiiiiiit, this works??????? i'm special...is there a video for this? hahaha


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