30 Days of Hair Day 10: Old School Flip Under Pony Tail

8:00 AM

Welcome Back to 
Day 10
of the 

today is a picture tutorial of the
Old School Flip Under Side Pony

The Flip Under is making a come back so spice up your ponies with this style...

1) gather your hair into a pony tail or side pony
2) make a hole just above the elastic
3) take the bottom portion of your hair and flip it through the hole
4) Pull through the bottom and then pull the sides to tighten


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4 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. Hey Ashley, it's Ashley ;) lol.

    I am totally taking notes on these posts lol... i NEVER know what to do with my hair, which is one reason I started making headbands! to disguise that truth.

    you look beautiful girl!

  2. Just stopping over to say thanks for visiting the backless shirt blog and leaving a nice comment on the skirts I made. Seriously, after taking a look around your blog, you can honestly tell me that you can't tackle a sewing machine!? YOU CAN! really.
    Jamie :)

  3. Miss Ma'am!
    I totally rocked this while my daughter was at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas last week! My hair is still pretty short compared to when I was in high school, but It's long enough to do this! Also, I did my little girls hair like this while she was at vacation bible school in July! Except, hers were pig tails flipped under with a BIG BOW :D This post made me smile!
    Also, I'm so glad I get your e-mail updates! I can "keep up" when I can't seem to "catch-up" with your blog! Have a wonderful day :D


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