Mommy must know: Chic-Fil-A's Mom Valet

2:38 PM

I learned something new this weekend, and I had to share...
I was not accustomed to Chic-fil-a when I lived in California because we didn't have any in the desert where I lived, but now that we are in Denver we are only across the street from one.

My son and I frequent there for one simple reason, when I have the stroller, they will help me carry everything to the table...
but I found out something even more amazing and fabulous...
something called


**I am not sure that EVERY Chic-Fil-A has one, but if you live near one, 
you should definitely find out!

A manager sat down with me 
when we were having a delicious peach shake yesterday for the 4th 
and told me all about it. 

This is how it works:

  • Drive into the drive-thru with your kids in tow and let them know you want the "Mom's Valet"
  • Tell them how many are with you and where you would prefer to sit (ie near the play place)
  • Order your food
  • Pay at drive through window
  • By the time you pull into a space and unload they have your food at the table ready to go with a sign baring your name.

This is not only an AMAZING convenience to mom's
{especially with little one's}
but very smart of them!! 

Am I way behind in learning about this? Have any of you used it?
Either way, I thought there may be other clueless, struggling mom's who could greatly use this!

This little guy and his future possible sibling(s) thank you Chic-Fil-A.

Keeping mom's sane, one meal out at a time;)

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  1. Oh WOW!! I haven't seen any CFA's around here that do that! But what a blessing for us mommies!! Great idea CFA!!

  2. Another one more reason why I LOVE chick fil a! Can you imagine though a Mom's valet here in Utah where there are SO many moms and children that frequent that restaurant? I believe we would probably have to wait for hours for a spot to open...anyhow I LOVE this place!

  3. OH MY LORDY that is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful info! P.S. your kiddo is adorable!

  4. i'm in texas and we don't have that at our chick fil a. BUT at ours, at lunch time, they have two lanes and they have workers in the parking lot that take orders (and you can pay via credit card or cash in the line). by the time you even have a chance to scoot up, they already have your order. the whole process takes about 2 mins and thats with a HUGE line going all the way out to the street!

  5. Wow, that is awesome customer service. They know who their key market is huh? I am very impressed. We are in Denver this very moment on vaycay and I am going to have to tell my girlfriend about's like a rodeo getting food/bags/strollers to the table plus a baby seat (but luckily no more little bitty babies, so those aren't usually necessary).
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I didn't know this! And I'm not sure if the location here does this but I will remember now to be on the lookout! So great! Thanks!

  7. Where was this when my crew was 4,7 and 8!!
    Heck fast forward 10 years and i could still use it


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