Advertise with Eisy Morgan in August!!

9:00 PM

 This is a great time to advertise with 

Eisy Morgan

 and let me give you at least 

3 Amazing Reasons

  • I am 98 followers away from 1,000 and you want to get your shop or blog some exposure!

  • If you sign up for at least the month of August there will be the bonus of traffic seeing
YOUR AD more this month 
as I am having my
"30 Days of Hair" 
{that's a hairstyle post everyday for 30 days among the normal goings on of the blog}

If you sign up for a 3 Month Spot
not only will you get the "Hair Traffic" 
but we are rounding the corner into the fall 
blogging will be hitting full swing again 
and kids will be back in school and people 
are ready to get back to their
intense blogging lives! 
{ya'll know just what I mean}

It's a GREAT TIME to advertise!!

Here is what is up for grabs...

One Time Giveaway Only: 
$10.00 (giveaway value of $2o or more)

Feature Only:

$10.00 for 1 month
 $15.00 for 3 months
{group features}

$15.00 for 1 month
  $25.00 for 3 months
{individual feature and/or giveaway included}


$20.00 for 1 months
$40.00 for 3 months
{individual feature and/or giveaway included each month}

If you would like me to design a button for you
I can do that at no extra charge.

Your buttons will be proudly displayed 
on the left hand side of EisyMorgan, not to be missed!

Please email me if you would like a space at eisymorgan(at)gmail(dot)com.
All options will be billed via paypal.
Thank you!

I look forward to working with you!!

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