Blogging Tips & Tricks:How to Spot and Manipulate your HTML

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Welcome Back to 
Blogging Tips & Tricks
today I am talking about 
How to spot and manipulate your HTML

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HTML it can be very intimidating but knowing just a few simple tricks can help you to get the look you are wanting to achieve on your blog.

To start you will need to go to your dashboard and design and then "edit html" it will look like this

Each template is different depending on when it was created so if mine doesn't look familiar to yours and you have a specific need to adjust, just email me and I can try and help you!

Because there are any number of things that you may want to  work on I will choose for an example how to get rid of any borders on an existing template.

How to spot borders in HTML:
To explain I have chosen the Minima Stretch Template which starts our with borders and looks like this

(if you would like to know how to work with and get the stretch
leave a comment and I will do a post on that as well) 

It looks like this to begin with the border lines on the very edges of the header....

In your html button to find what you are looking for the quickest way is to 
press CTRL F which will bring up a search box. 
Simply type in what you are looking for. 

In this instance I want to erase the border so I look for the html
"Solid" which represents the solid lines.
Use the "next" buttons on the search bar to find each place it says solid...

Now you can replace this with either "dotted" for a dashed line, or "none" which is what I usually prefer. I do this with all the solids in the template for a clean start without any pre-defined borders.

Press "Preview" to take a look at what you have changed to see if the lines have gone. 

Save and you are good to go. The best way to learn HTML is to play with it. Set up a second blog if you are scared you will mess up your own and use trial and error!

If you have any specific blogging questions about HTML or otherwise, please leave a comment! I would love to try and do a post about it!

Happy Thursday Yall!!

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the help!

  2. Great tips! I will be adding this to my favorites to re reference! Thanks!

  3. I finally found the courage last week to just go ahead and play around trying to make a header and a button and actually managed to get it up on my blog. I am pretty happy with it. But I think I will take your advice on making a practice blog next time, that way I don't have to end up with bitten down nails.

  4. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing these tips...can't wait for the rest of your series as I am surely learning a lot.


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