Tornadoes: both real and perceived

8:10 AM

I woke up this morning to the devastating news of the many killed and all of the destruction in the tornadoes in Missouri. 
I know no one in that area 
but the loss and devastation is haunting none the less.

I have been having a hard time getting back into blogging and getting back into the swing of things here after coming back from vacation. I feel like I am watching my own tornado in my life.

Have you ever felt that way? I have been saying the past couple of days that I feel like I am in the eye of a storm. Nothing is hurting me, personally, physically at the moment, but everywhere I look around me is massive destruction and heart break and loss and pain. 

And that is the thing with tornadoes, there is not much you can do when they are blowing through. 

They are so much bigger than us
that sometimes I feel like all we can do is watch them
in horror 
at what we are seeing 
and feel weak to save, 
for anything 
but massive destruction. 
We just have to...
watch and 
then hope there is something to salvage 
from the wreckage.

How do you guys deal with these storms of life, whether yours or those you love whom you can't help? 

{My love and condolences to any of you who have experienced loss
in these recent storms}

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5 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. sometimes I feel like that too and it can be a very lonely place and very hard to put words to. I do a lot of talking to the man upstairs when I feel like that... hang in there!

  2. I think we all go through times like that sometimes when we ask ourselves why and feel kind of lost even though nothing is seriously wrong. That's when we try and count our blessings and things will start to look up again :)

  3. Oh Ashley, you have such a sweet heart my friend. It is difficult to deal with it all...I cannot imagine what these people are feeling right now...the hurt and loss of EVERYTHING THEY HAVE AND KNOW. We can only pray for them..that they know Christ and His love and pray for peace like no other.
    Keep your chin up and that sweet smile beaming!! I have missed your regular posts!! ;) I hope you had a wonderful relaxing time away! Your sister is beautiful and her wedding was gorgeous! :)

  4. Dear friend, I cling to the one thing that is secure, God Himself and His unfailing love. The destruction is heartbreaking but God made people resilient (not sure if I spelled that right) at least that's what I believe.
    I have been thinking about you. First of all, you deserved a break. And time with your family! And if you still need a break, that's ok. I can not even imagine having 800 followers! I mean that's an accomplishment and if I know you just the little bit that I do, you might be trying to think of a way to interact with all 800 to make us feel special.
    I might be wrong! I think you've come to a turning point. Honestly I long for the Ashley hair tutorials and the cute crafts....the inspiration for me the multi-faceted woman. Those things made me feel special! And I truly believe that's how you have the following you do. I guess I'm trying to say, stay true to you, and simply you is why I followed you! Well I wrote a book, sorry. And I might have gotten this all wrong! I just want you to be encouraged! God has blessed you for a reason!

  5. Tornadoes are huge...I do agree...there was a tornado that hit near where we lived a few weeks ago and people are still rebuilding...but when life is lost from can't replace that.

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