Come meet Lisa from Joyful Jones!

3:00 PM

Why hello!
I'm Lisa from Joyful Jones.

I'm so excited to be here at Eisy Morgan today.
Especially on the week of Ashley's amazing birthday bash!
Happy Birthday Ashley!

Choosing the name Joyful Jones was an easy choice to make after such a hard trial and
I'm lucky that I had the support to get me through it.

I have a life goal of looking for JOY every single day.
Believe me, JOY exists everywhere and in everything-if we look for it.

JOY can be found in children,

in music,

in nature,

and even everyday things.

Of course, I find lots of JOY in my marriage.

Won't you join me on this journey? 

I host a link-up party called, Joyful Moments every Friday so over the weekend 
I can read about what brings you JOY!

And currently, I'm hosting a giveaway which features one of my favorite books.
Hope you'll take a minute to stop by and say hi!
HUGS to you! 

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