Blogging Tips & Tricks#8: Are you a non-reply blogger & a THANK YOU!

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Welcome Back to 
Blogging Tips & Tricks
today I am talking about 
Are you a non-reply blogger???
Thank You to my followers

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Some of you have an issue...
no not THAT one! Save that for Post Secret! ha ha. 

No, you are a NO-REPLY commenter.

What do I mean by that? Not that you don't reply to comments, no, that is what I first thought too. It means that when you comment on a blog when that blogger wants to comment back to you through email, they can't!! They get a big ugly slap with the NO-REPLY in the email.

Let me tell you a little secret...
I did not know for the longest time what the best way to reply to comments was? 
I thought you had to have a special widget to reply to them like I saw in me email. 
I searched and searched trying to find one, then I realized...

I wanted and still want every ONE of you to know that I have not only read your comments but really appreciate them, even though I miss one here and there.
So, please, don't be a no-reply-er! 
I feel so rude when I click that REPLY button but
can't get back to you
that I forget by the time I am blog hopping what I wanted to say to whomever? 
So sad:(
So this is how you fix it...

1) Go to your dashboard and click on "Edit Profile"
2) Scroll down to your email and click "show my email address"

 If you don't want a personal email shared, make a blog only e-mail!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now speaking of comments lets talk about my

Sometimes my great ideas in my brain run away from my actual time, I am sure many of you have come across this and your quickly growing blogs!

One of my BIGGEST issues right now is trying to get connected to ALL of you, my beauties,
and continually work on this our loving and supportive community.

I am getting around 30-50 emails a day and I am doing by best to keep on top of it all, 
because you are all important to me!

I just want to thank my followers, for being A-MA-ZING! 
I have had comments from new followers that the community of this blog has been so 
supportive to them. 
Not me, YOU GUYS! 
You are all so encouraging and go and visit and support one another
and I appreciate you all so much.

Keep shining and loving and supporting, I know this will help us all continue to grow!

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34 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. I'm always sad when I get a no-reply:( Thanks for sharing how to change it so more people will know how to do it:)

  2. This is very helpful! I am a new blogger and I don't even know if my profile shows my email address. But you better believe I am going to check! Right now! I will be reading your blog lots because I am anxious to learn more about your blogging tips.

  3. I just recently figured this out but, I have to say that it is SO hard for me to find the time to respond to every comment and also visit everyone's blogs as well. So I tend to visit blogs and leave comments instead of replying to e-mails. How do you find the time?? You are amazing!

  4. Thanks for posting this Ashley! I try to respond to all my comments also, and there have been times that I can't because of the no-reply. I feel so RUDE! lol
    I remember when I started my blog a couple months ago you were one of the first "personal" commenters meaning you commented to me more than once! :) I appreciated it so much.
    My blog is smaller, and now that I"m working full time I'm short on time. I still love the creative outlet and the connections I've made.
    Shine on!! :)

  5. Thanks for the tips, and I look forward to more. Just starting on this little adventure called blogging :)

  6. Thank you for posting. I did not know this and learned something new which is wonderful! Love it!

  7. I didn't realize that. Thanks, was wondering why when I wanted to reply to some people it said that. Need to check mine too I guess.

  8. Ashley... Thank you! I hate it when people have it set to no-reply. I feel so bad not replying to them, because I so appreciate each and every one of my comments!

    Let me just say... you are AWESOME! I'm so happy to be one of your many many faithful readers from the beginning!

  9. I just learned about that from Rissa at Hazel and Honeysuckle! I had no clue! But boy does it make it easy to reply to comments!! Great info girlie!

  10. great tip. you are so thoughtful and helpful!!

    here's a question for you:
    how can i make it so that my e-mail address in my Blogger profile doesn't direct through Outlook? i don't have Outlook set up on my computer at home, and just hate when that little window pops up. i've manually listed my email address in my profile but if i could make it more visible that would be great!

  11. Yes, I had that same trouble when I was first blogging...I used to reply to each in the comment box of the post, but then realized...blonde one realizes I have responded! LOL!!! No I go and leave them a comment back or if they ask a question just reply to the e-mail! :) Great tips, as always!!!

    Liesl :)

  12. This made me laugh, I was exactly the same, I would actually copy and paste email addresses so I could reply, then I realised you could just reply via email in gmail! Duh!

    Great advice, thanks for sharing!

  13. So agreed. I would love to be connected to all of my readers, but it just can't work out. Great shout out to them, though :) And perfect way to put it!

  14. Hahaha! I also thought it meant no reply to comments in your blog! Oophs!
    Good info! Thanks!

  15. Appreciate this series...thanks for filling myself and others in on all the wonderful secrets!! :) I love that you reply to what I've commented means so much to me...thanks sweet friend!!

  16. How do I get comments sent to my email though? I feel bad that I hardly ever reply to comments because I don't see that I've got any.

  17. Thank you so much for doing this post!! I love it when I can respond via email. It makes it so much more personable.

  18. I hate the fact that I do not know how to reply to my commenters. I see some blogs have the comment option of reply. I don't.

    I'm still a little confused, however, on your description. :( I believe my email is shown in my profile. Hmmm...?

  19. Thanks for the info! I'm really new to the whole blogging world and had no idea! You rock!

  20. Not to add to all of your e-mails, but I didn't realize for a while that I didn't have my e-mail enabled, and I felt bad when a blogger whom I admire tried to get a hold of me and had to comment on my blog and told me that she had no way of getting a hold of me...{blush}

    I had no idea that you could just reply to a comment e-mail, too. Thanks for all the info! You're awesome! :)

  21. Thanks, Ashley. Something had me in my profile edit screen yesterday and I realized that I was one of those no-reply bloggers! Yikes! I had no idea that my e-mail address wasn't showing, but I believe that I have corrected that problem now.

    I never know whether I should reply to the comments on my blog or directly, so I usually try to do both...but either there's no address or I get interrupted before I do and then I miss replying to someone.

    Have a great evening!

  22. I have a different formant but just found this out too! I love finding new tips and tricks so i appreciate it. Happy Birthday!

  23. It is so silly that I had no idea about this, really, all I have to do is hit reply! Who knew? Thank you!

  24. My blog is Wordpress and I have a plugin that ensures that all who comment on my blog posts get a track back. I'm really surprised that this isn't a default setting on all blogging platforms.

    It's a polite thing to do for people who take the time to not only read my blog BUT to leave a comment :)

    Thanks for this helpful post!

  25. turns out I was a no-reply commentor but I didn't know it. Thanks for your helpful tip. Changed it, I think.

  26. This a great post to let everyone know. I had had my blog for like a week and some lady actually yelled at me because I didn't have my email linked, I had no idea. So then I figured it out by myself. I just couldn't believe she had the nerve to be so rude like that and yell at me, needless to say I stopped following her blog lol.

  27. Hi - I gave you a big thank you on my blog today because when I read this post, I thought all was good in my email settings...until a fellow blogger nicely let me know all was not well :)

    Thanks for the tip!

  28. THis is a pet peeve of mine.

    Please make it as easy as possible for me to comment and please remove the word verification. It's a major hassle. ;)

    Bella Vida by Letty

  29. Its funny that I actually found your blog today and Im reading this post, lol! One of my fab readers pointed out to me that I was a no commenter and I didn't even know that I wasn't giving anyone the opportunity to reply to my comments. I am so glad that she pointed this out for me and I'm thankful that you made a post to teach others about this. Can't wait for the rest of your tips...consider me a new follower!

  30. Ahh thank you for this!! Always frustrated me not knowing how to do it. So simple!

    M x

  31. I just blogged this tutorial and made sure your credit was given. you rock ashley!


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