Blogging Tips & Tricks#7: The Importance of Branding

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Welcome Back to 
Blogging Tips & Tricks
today I am talking about 
How to manipulate your photos for branding and personalization

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Let's talk a minute about
think about some major brands out there that you almost immediately know just by some snap shot that is always associated with them...

You see this...

you imediately think of the store, 
what they sell, how you are addicted to it (ha ha)
This is good branding.

If you are using your blog in association with your etsy or trying to make some money, branding is important.

 From the book "The Handmade Marketplace" by Kari Chapin
there is a quote by Matt Stinchcomb that says

"A brand is much more than a logo, your brand is your overall lifestyle and the overall embodiment of what your business is about. It is really important...that you're telling your story. Your story is your brand. You need to know who your audience is and speak to them about what interests them."

This is something I am SLOWLY working on.

I have done some reading and research and a few preferences of my own
and I am sharing that with you here.

One good place to start is with your photos.

A few tips for branding your photos:

  • Keep them in a similar format {you can tweek and spice it up, but similar enough that it is recognizable}
  • Use a GIMP or Photoshop brush to watermark your photos. {either your blog/buisness name or a unique shape or object}
  • YOU are a part of your brand. If you are in your photos make sure you try and reflect that.
  • Your photos are like FREE ADVERTISING for your products or blog. {Whether or not your photo has anything to do with them, if you are linking them up anywhere try and find a way to make people associate the look with you}
I have a hard time deciding on a specific logo and that is all still in the works, but I try to keep it similar most of the time and I also try and get my blog name in the photo I want to use to link up to all the parties so people can always see that.

Just a few things to try and incorporate or think about! I love to learn about this stuff so I thought I would share how we can all get better at all of this!!

One more quote from the book mentioned above in regards to branding...
"Branding is a complete and total image. Not just a logo or a color scheme or a certain product line, a brand has to make people buy into the IDEA." - Amber Karnes

What are your thoughts on branding?

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  1. As you know, this is something that I am currently contemplating and manipulating for my own blog. I think that the most difficult part is discovering who you are, what you want to share about yourself, and translating that onto the screen.

  2. Great info! I've been thinking about adding a watermark to my photos...just need to find the time to figure it out!
    Thanks for this!

  3. This is such great advice. This is something on my mind lately. THANKS :)

  4. Great tips Ashley! I agree that it is so important, but it is also hard! Because I like so many things, I feel like 'how can I just choose one theme??' But it is important if someone saw something without it being on your blog that they would know it was yours. As always, love it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad to stumble onto your blog and check out your blogging tips. Love the advice and look forward to reading more. I'm your newest follower~

  6. Thanks for the tips! :) Btw, maybe it's just me, but when I clicked "here" to read more tips, it sent me back to the original page. May want to check the link. Or maybe it's me :)

  7. I'm also stuck on trying to chose a logo.

    The topic would make a great blog post.

    Bella Vida by Letty

  8. Quick question for you think having a quality camera can enhance branding via photography or is there some great photo software out there that I am oblivious to that would help increase the quality of photographs? I ask because my Nikon Coolpix isn't cutting the mustard and my pictures are really suffering.

  9. Tank you so much for your blogging tips posts! I am really enjoying exploring your blog!

    Ngaio May xx


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