Blogging Tips & Tricks#6: How to edit your vlogs or videos

3:00 PM

Welcome back to Blogging Tip & Tricks Week #6
as you may have noticed I answer questions before returning to my list 
and I got a couple other requests last week for a 
{with Windows Movie Maker}
To read the other tips and tricks you can find them all HERE

 Make sure you come back for these upcoming topics!!
{If you have any suggestions or topics you would like to see covered please 
I would love to cover as much as I can!}
Again if anyone would like a specific topic covered next week that you need help with now, just let me know:)

Here is what is still coming up.... 
  • How to manipulate your photos to make them individual and branded
  • How to spot and manipulate your HTML
  • How to make an amazing Individual HEADER
  • How to make your own GRAB BUTTON and add box
  • How to add a signature
  • Blogging Etiquette
  • Utilizing social networking
  • Commenting
  • Secrets I have learned in blogging

Let's get started....

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1 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. Thanks, very educational!
    I wanted to come by & check it out when I didn't have a kid bothering me to feed him, watch him, listen etc.
    Do you do all of your vids on webcam?
    I have a few cameras-Flip Mino HD another Flip & a JVC. Can't figure out the JVC to put videos onto my computer:< and the Flip has to be put into some other file type to be used in Movie Maker. I have been trying and will figure it out but it just aggrevates me to no end!
    Thanks for all the info it was very helpful & I am going to try MM very soon!


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