Yarn Lettering...

2:47 PM

Here is a new craft I attempted this week...

  • First I cut out cardboard letters. I did this free hand but a beautiful font printed out might work a lot better!
  • Then I began wrapping the pieces with yarn. You will need quite a bit depending on the word you choose.

  • Glue the yarn on periodically as you are wrapping to secure it
  • On the open spaces that couldn't be covered by wrapping I cut yarn and glued them into the open spaces.

I like how it works and the look but I want to fine tune it a bit. I am thinking handing them closer together, making a frame for them, something along those lines. Any ideas??

If anyone has made these before let me know if you have any suggestions about the making process as well!
Enjoy!! Let me know if you try it:)

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3 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. I did something similar to this once. For a frame, I purchased a thin piece of plywood and edging like you use to put along the bottom of a wall, like baseboard. It turned out pretty good.

  2. So cute! I love these! I found your blog over @ Lovely Crafty Home & am a new follower :)


  3. I love this idea... 'yarned letters'.. how fun! I can't wait to try this, I'm thinking something cute above my son's crib.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I found you blog via FTLOB 'who's crafty' link party.
    So you so many fun ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing more... I'm a new 'follower'.

    have a wonderful day.


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