Meet Our Nominees!!!

9:05 AM

 With the the top nominees in and now being voted on
I want you all to get to know these ladies and gentlemen that the fine Academy have chosen as wonderful blogs! I will high-lite briefly each participant throughout the day so if you are not familiar with them you can get to know them better and check out their blogs and vote HERE!

In the order I received the interviews I will post them...

Meet Liesl 

What is your blog all about?

Mostly my blog gives readers and followers tips, websites and looks that offer affordable fashions and styles.  From time to time I do a "Look of the Day" post, which has been one of the most popular and always show a complete breakdown for the prices on each item in the look and where they were purchased.  

I also post looks that I create using Polyvore so that my readers are able to see affordable outfit ideas from which they can then purchase items they like online, if they choose, since items in my Look of the Day posts aren't necessarily available anymore.
Over time, my blog has transitioned into posts about some of my affordable, creative DIY ideas and projects that I refer to as the "Get Crafty" section along with some healthy and super simple recipes.  From time to time, I also post  adventures in my life along with what I call a "Picture Show."  Since I document just about everything I do I thought it would be fun for me to be able to look back on too, and these have been very popular even if they don't have much to do with fashion.  

Finally, since recently getting engaged, I have jumped on the "Wedding Wednesday" bandwagon, which has been really fun and hopefully offers readers and followers some inspiration for their weddings too!

How long have you been blogging?

I opened my Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style blog on Blogger back in 2009, but did not start blogging seriously and frequently on it until 2010.  It has now become a true passion of mine and I try to post a new blog at least every other day!

What is your favorite part about blogging?
I would have to say that I just love all the wonderful people, like you, whom I have met since I began blogging full time and seeing all the lovely blogs out there in blogland!  I am inspired each and everyday by a blog or post I come across, and it always has a way of bringing a genuine smile to my face! :)

What will you be wearing to the Bloscars?

Ahhh!  I love this question!!!  I believe I shall be sporting the long, bronze sequin Escada evening gown that I rented for $120 from a local LA gown shop, in order to keep with the affordable fashions that I love so much!  I wore the gown previously to the 35th Annual Vision Awards in Beverly Hills and think it is just perfect for your Bloscars event!  

Oh and I shall pair it with my gold Steve Madden heels from Off Broadway Shoes for $39.99 and my gold clutch from a little chinatown boutique for $12.99, which will bring my red carpet look total to $172.98! :)
Thank you Leisl and Good Luck!

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9 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. So fun and love how you put me at the Oscars...FUN!!! Thank you so much for having me as a part of all of this...lovely job!

    Liesl :)

  2. Awww...Such a sweet interview and Liesl is so adorable:) Kisses to you both
    Happy Thursday

  3. ok i know this is a post about someone else but i seriously love your blog!

  4. Haha, how cute is this! Gotta go check out her blog right now :)

  5. Love it..fab interview about a gorgeous gal and her blog..and wonderful concept it!

  6. I love Liesl!! Such a cutie and a lovely blog :) xo

  7. I love Liesl's blog! She is an amazing person, so beautiful yet so down to earth!


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