Kim Kardashian Inspired Red Carpet Hair

1:35 PM

In honor of the BLOSCARS we had to have "fancy up-do" 
for the hair tutorial this week. 

This is what inspired it...

Mine didn't turn out just like this, but you can easily make yours do much better! 
Same basic principles. 
This is mine..
My best Kimmy K face, ummm, NOPE..just look mad...

On to the hey...friends...any requests for hair that you 
would like me to do or TRY to do?

Leave me some suggestions, even if you care less about
ever doing your own hair that way! 
ha ha

Don't forget tomorrow is the beginning of the 
See about that here.

**And go VOTE really quick for a blog right below this post for a BLOSCAR!!**

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  1. You are just too cute! You look gorgeous, great job! :)

  2. Oh my gosh Ashley, I LOVE your video!! Love love love it, you cracked me up too :)


  3. I recently found your blog and love it because I never know how to do hairstyles with my hair! I tried the braids you did recently but I don't have much hair on the was still inspired and able to modify the look to make it work. I have a blog award for you, come check it out! :)

  4. You make it look so easy! Love it!

  5. I would love to see a video about pony tails, I am an on the go mommy and sometimes I just don't have time for anything more than a pony tail but it just doesn't look stylish at all and makes me feel yucky. Any tips for quick up-do's would be great!

  6. Another cute harido! I want to try it now. :) Since you asked for some ideas on future tutorials then I would personally love to know some tricks for just 5 minute every day styles for every day wear. I seem to do ok at getting my hair cute for church or special occassions but for every day I seem to just let it go because it all seems like too much work! lol. Anyways thanks for sharing another great video. :) Don't forget my next Weekend Review Party starts tomorrow and the more the merrier! Have a great day.
    Humble Homemaking

  7. Can I just say that i am super excited about your blogging series! I want to know how to make a header and cutsie it up a bit.

  8. I like it a lot-I will try this on my hair. It is so long I can never get a good updo for an event.


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