Introducing the Bloscars!

9:30 AM


The Bloscars you say?
Yes and you are invited, so go get your designer dress, shoes and some diamonds girl...
With the actual "Oscars" coming up this Sunday I thought it would be fun if we held our own version here in the blogging world and we could call them the BLOSCARS! You know, BLOG and OSCARS combined! You know how I like to combine words here, ha! 

I thought it would be fun to have us vote on the awesome bloggers we frequent (like we are the "Academy") and then they will be awarded a Bloscar!! 
They will of course need to write acceptance speeches and tell us what they are wearing..ha ha! 

So this is where you come in, my dear Academy! 
We need your nominations for these bloggers in the next two days!
(and no you can not nominate yourself;)

We will have 4 categories:
  • Most Creative
  • Most Supportive
  • Most Thought Provoking
  • Most Helpful

There are tons of great blogs out there from food, fashion, crafting, home design, mom's...whoever you want to honor get them in there! The best part of this is they will be chosen by us and just our love for them! 
You know your fav's, so get them in ASAP!

This is how it's going to work. Paste their blog address into the linky and what you are voting for them in the title. You can vote for one blog per category! Then other people can click on them to see if they would also like to nominate them and for in the days when we are voting we can click on them!The top three nominee's in each category will be the ones voted on and the winner will be announced on Sunday night when the actual Oscars are on!

Once you nominate them, please let them know to come back here so they can come put up their button, should they choose to do so!
(button below)

**If you have been nominated be sure to send your followers to vote February 23rd!!** 
Nominations will end Tuesday night at 8:00 pm 2/22/2011
Voting will begin Wednesday morning 2/23/2011

I will also be needing people to write their predictions for me as reporters Friday and Saturday so please leave a comment if you would like to participate in that!

So cast your votes for your nominations for the 2011 BLOSCARS!!
On your mark, get set, nominate!!!

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27 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. I think this is such a cute and creative idea!! OK, deffo going to mention this tomorrow. I'll comment on 'what they wore' but only if I can tape my face back like Joan Rivers :)
    Ok, now to go rack through my favorite bloggers and see who to nominate!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ok so its no secret i'm a little slow at things... did you nominate me? I'm assuming so since you were the one to tell me...if so thank u mucho much. Next-what are the different categories? Look at you go w/ all this creativeness :)

  4. I was driving when I wrote the comment above....and I read ur post again after getting to my void what are the categories question...I figured that out :) forgive me :)

  5. oh thank you so much...this is so sweet and i just love this so fun! xoxo

  6. You are so super cute to think of this! Creative!

  7. What a creative idea, I love it!!!!! I just added you as "Blog of the Week" over at my blog, :)


  8. Love this idea, Ashley!!! Your so creative. Fun! I'll definetly nominate some faves of mine. Oh, and I can be a Blogscar "reporter" if you want!!!

  9. Oh my gosh this is pure genius!

  10. This is an awesome idea! Thanks for giving this opportunity. I'm your newest follower by the way;


  11. LOVE this.

  12. I cannot believe I have been nominated, I am so touched! Thank you so much for hosting this, I feel honoured =)

  13. I've been nominated? Wow! Thanks so much!

  14. I am ready to vote for Aaron ...great idea should be fun,
    Started following

  15. I got nominated!!?! Whoa! Thanks!

    I'm going to write the most creative blog entry in the WORLD now. By now, I mean later. By most creative, I mean most manic.

  16. I am so flattered to be nominated! Thank you so much and good luck to everyone. It should be a fun couple of days :)

  17. I've been nominated!! WOO HOO!
    Inside my head sounds like this: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    So excited & what a great idea!!!

  18. Thank you for the nomination! What do I do now?! Also, I have my button up. Can I resubmit it with correct button?

  19. Such an awesome idea! I'll think and be back to enter. XO

  20. How is the voting work? Where do the people go if they want to place a vote?

  21. I'm getting quite a few comments from people who don't know how to submit a vote! We are dumb and need clarification.

  22. oh was kinda caught off guard with this lovely honor...thank you to whoever put me alongside these other awesome ladies! much appreciation and congrats to the winners! ♥


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