Giveaway Winners & Friend Favor!!

8:59 PM

I am very excited to announce the  
Ad Space Giveaway WINNERS!!

Make sure that you check out all the details of what your win means HERE 
at the original post!

First I have a favor to ask of you, all my blogging friends!
A sweet blogging friend Chas, over at  A Woman's Haven  has nominated me 
for Blogger of the Month at
but I have to have the most votes to win.

I would love to be "Blogger of the Month", what an honor!  

What am I asking of YOU? 
Well, if you would be so kind, and actually think EisyMorgan would be a good
"Blog of the Month"
I would ask for you to
go and leave a comment in their nominate a blog page mentioning me!

I would be forever grateful and if I am chosen 
I am going to do an amazing giveaway 
just to thank you all! 
Just click on this cute button and leave a comment at the bottom of their post:)
(ain't too proud to beg...ha ha)

And now on to the WINNERS!!!!

The first randomly selected is...

The Second is....

and the third is....

to Amazey, Kristin (A Guide to Living Graciously) & Kristin (holy_cannoli)!!!

Please email me at eisymorgan(at)gmail(dot)com with your button to add to my ad spaces! I will also be contacting you about doing a guest post or feature!

Thank you everyone for entering!
I was so thankful for all your entries in my first ever giveaway!! You all are the best!!

(PS I know I LOVE exclamation points!!! I just can't help it when I don't know 
how else to convey my excitement!! ) ha ha

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3 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. I am so excited to win. I am sending you an email now!

  2. I went over and nominated you too! I hope you win, you had the most nominations I think!

    Good luck :)


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