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What is your blog all about?

Lucille in the Sky is all about living for your highest self. Using stories, poetry, photography and love, my blog inspires others to surrender to the divine source, to recognize that only in letting go of our expectations can our lives take their true course, the course of our highest self for our greatest good.

My blog is a place people come to for positivity. A sacrament to the simple things in life. A reminder to people to let go, to love, and to look for beauty everywhere.

How long?

I have been blogging since the end of 2008. I posted intermittently until Spring 2010 when I became a "true" blogger. I was also a new mom and itching to make my mark on the world (I still am). I'd already set up the blog and it proved to be the perfect platform to have my voice heard, to make new friends, and to publish all of the thoughts swirling in my head and keeping me up at night.

Favorite part?

Connecting with others and learning from others.

What will you be wearing to the Bloscars?

A strapless little black dress, a lacy gray cardigan, silver kitten-heel pumps, and my black diamond peace sign necklace.

Thanks Lucy and GOOD LUCK!!

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