BBQ Burger Pizza: Fab Food Fridays!

9:53 AM

I accidentally created this out of the items we had in the fridge 
and it was seriously one of the best pizzas I have ever had! Ha! 
This is not always the case:)
You have to try it, it is so easy!!

These are the things you will need:
  • A Boboli Pizza Crust
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Ground Turkey (you could use beef as well)
  • I used Monterey Jack Cheese (it's what I had, but SO good!)

1) Brown Turkey
2) After cooked through add 1/2 c BBQ sauce
3) Spread a layer of BBQ sauce on pizza crust
4) Sprinkle a layer of cheese on top of BBQ sauce
5) Add ground turkey
6) Sprinkle more cheese on top of turkey

7) Bake according to crust directions (about 10 minutes)
8) Take out and serve!


Have you ever accidentally created something amazing? Ha! It's such a pleasant surprise!!

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14 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. That does look delicious!! I love being creative in the kitchen!! It so much fun to make up new recipes!
    I hope that you have a fabulous Friday!

  2. That looks AMAZING, and I have all of those items in my house except for the boboli..hmmm....maybe I'll venture out to the store for my own yummy pizza!

  3. I love reading your blog and all your fashion advice. I want to present you with the Sylish Blogger Award. I hope you will accept- because you deserve it!

    Check it out!

  4. That looks and sounds delicious! I was just telling my husband that I wante dto make a pizza too..I know what I'm making tonight!

  5. I love making up delicious dishes just to clear out my fridge and pantry! What a great idea and so easy. Thanks!

  6. Looks yum! I've done that before and forgot to write down the recipe. Then DH asks for it again and I'm at a loss! Following now from Friday Blog Hop. Would love for you to follow back Thanks!

  7. oooo what an AWESOME idea, can't wait to try it :) happy friday!!!!

  8. Looks great! Even as a vegetarian, I think I could make this work. :]

  9. my mouth is watering!!!!! Even my picky 3yo would love it :)

  10. We have a similar yummy pizza we eat! It is good with bbq chicken strips instead of turkey too. Some yummy toppings are cilantro (LOVE cilantro) and lots of red onion. It adds some crunch texture! If someone were NOT wanting to watch the calories, they could scatter some onion rings around the top too--LOL.
    You should do a fun post on Boboli pizza recipes--I have a feta/Greek one that is good too. I bet the blog world has many yummy variations that would be fun to try!

  11. We will have to try this! I appreciate you participating in my linkup : )

  12. My mouth is watering.

    And I'd probably add pickles, too. :)

  13. I just wanted to thank you again for participating in my link party yesterday!


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