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Our next featured Nominee is.....

What is your blog all about? ‘Love is Everywhere’ is truly what it’s about. I love the simple things in life and making a difference. I began writing with the hope of reaching out to others and helping people to see how much positivity there is around them. It starts with us though. Once you begin to see everything as beauty, life will seem much brighter. You’ll feel happier and that’s love. I express Love through my writing and photography.

How long have you been blogging? I always had journals growing up as a child as most girls always did. Various journals unfinished. I actually began blogging back in High School and then I stopped. I started again perhaps 6 years ago and then I stopped again. Notice a pattern? Last Fall after having enough of seeing all the negativity as I changed channel to channel I had to do something. There’s a lot of ideas in my head as to making a difference, starting  Love Movement.. and that’s when I created Love is Everywhere.

What is your favorite part about blogging? I would have to say my absolute favorite thing about blogging is the community and support. I have met the most amazing people here. Every day we are learning from one another.
I am immediately checking up on everyone to see how their days are or sending words of encouragement. I receive the same support from them as well. It’s a fabulous and quite loving family here.

and what everyone wants to know what will you be wearing to the Bloscars?;) I will be wearing a cute black dress I bought on clearance one day at Mandees (Love cheap&cute finds), grey boots, hair all dolled up and oh, a ravishing circle scarf!

Thank You Katie and GOOD LUCK!!!

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3 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. Yippeee!!! I adore Katie and her lovely, inspiring and positive blog! Such a wonderful interview with such a beautiful lady, inside and out! I agree with her comment about the community and support that blogging can offer! Good Lucky, Katie...but I don't think she will need it!

    Liesl :)

  2. Have I mentioned how much I adore & love you Ashley!? Because I do. Thank you for letting me bet apart of this fun journey!

    Liesl - you are always so sweet to me and have the most positive comments to turn a girl's day around :)


  3. OOh...i'll have to head on over and check out her blog!! Thanks for sharing:)


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