For all the moms...

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  1. Hi! Found your blog on FTLOB. I love your blog - it's refreshing and interesting. And the article was awesome. lol. LOVED it.

  2. love this article * *

    new follower ~

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  4. I can totally relate to this!! I have actually lost single/childless friends for this very reason! I would love for some of these women to walk a mile in a mother's shoes. Both stay and home moms and working moms have it HARD!! But that's when you learn where your TRUE friends lie. Found you on SITS!

  5. This article is so true! I've even had to explain (and remind on an almost regular basis) even to my husband that being a SAHM isn't as easy as he may think. He can't even sit home for one day on the weekends. I hope that one day SAHM's will be seen as equal to working moms. Both with their own struggles, and their own benefits.

    *Some days I wish my job came with a paycheck and vacation days!*

  6. I dont have kids yet but I understand this completely. I'm hoping my friends all know this, as I'm surprisingly the first of us all to start having kids.


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