Feeling Alive!

3:00 PM

So one of my "resolutions" was to do more things that make me feel alive. Well, one of the first few days we were back in California it snowed, a lot. My mom and I had already planned to run that day but I wasn't sure with all the snow. We decided to go anyways! It was amazing. It was surprisingly warm for it being snowing, and so so beautiful! It was one of "those" moments...I LOVED it! And it really did make me feel alive...

What things do you do that make you feel alive? Or what things do you think you would want to try? Share, share, share..I love it!

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4 Thank you for your thoughts

  1. I left you an award on my page :)

  2. Today I went snowtubing - I felt alive.. Last night I looked up while the snow was falling on my face.. That too made me feel alive.. Sometimes I like to just run up and jump on a bench and do a little curtsy. It's cute, fun and who cares what anyone else thinks :)

    your photo is cute and you sure look like you're feeling life!

  3. I'd love to learn how to surf!!! Maybe one day........great blog.

  4. it snowed in cali? wow. what a cute photo!


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