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Different ways to tie one scarf

11:01 AMAshley Jackson

Here are some ideas on how to tie one scarf! There are so many options and you can change up your outfits numerous ways just by switching how you wear your scarf! What is your favorite way to wear your scarves??

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  1. I have a slight addiction to scarves! My husband knows he can never go wrong on them for gifts. But he did get me one a month ago that I had no clue how to tie b/c it was kind of like the one in video but not as long. Wide but short. Hmmm...i'll have to try your suggestions out. I hear you have a fan in the background :) wait til the day you hear his daughter's is usually entertaining. She's got more style than I call her my little fashionista.

  2. Oooo you lived in Northern Ireland?!! Eeek! I want to visit/move to Ireland someday!! All of our kids have Irish names. Love the scarf tutorial! Thanks for the different ideas.

  3. I also have a slight addiction to scarves!! This is a great the circle scarf...I'll be wearing that tomorrow!! :)

  4. Love this--I live in a cold climate and didn't know how to do most of these!! ;( Thanks for the help!! ;)


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