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Did someone say IRON ON home design?

11:02 AMAshley Jackson

   I love my home to look like me, weird. Just kidding, not too weird. But you always hear that whatever design and colors you tend to wear is a great place to start for your home as well. Not everyone follows that rule, but as much as I love zebra or leopard print, I don't wear it so I probably won't put it in my home. I tend to dress classy casual, if that is a style? I like to accessorize, so this is most likely what my home will represent.

Obviously I dream of the day when perhaps I will have a house where I can have storage to put all my great future thrift store furniture finds, and start room by room to transform it into a home design dream world (of course). But for today, I love to find things that can bring a bit of my style into my apartment for cheap. I also love when you can personalize it, or design things yourself. So when I came across this article in Family Circle I was inspired!! 
Think of all the possibilities!




Chair Covers
Here's How: Choose a large-scale floral fabric (or use remnants of what you already have). Following directions on the packaging, apply iron-on adhesive sheets to the back of fabric. Cut out favorite design elements (e.g., a big blossom, small leaf) and arrange pieces on chair or slipcover until you find a design you like. Peel paper backing from each piece and iron directly onto chair or slipcover.
(For more how-to's see the Family Circle webiste)

 This is an easy way to not only get your house looking great, it is also a way to express your own personal design, creative eye, and I don't know about you...but I often times know the material pattern, colors, style I am going for in my "design minds eye" and yet I can not find that thing anywhere! Here you can go pick your very own material, trace out the pattern you want, and iron it on! Amazing. 

What would you do? I am thinking, next nursery ideas!

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